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Our Transponder Key Services

Whether your transponder car key is lost, stolen, damaged, broken or entirely beyond repair, our highly trained 247 Auto Locksmith technicians can help! We can duplicate, reprogram, fix or even replace your transponder key, immediately and wherever you are.

Transponder car key

Our transponder key services include:

  • Transponder Key programming
  • Transponder key duplication
  • Transponder key replacement
  • Transponder key repairs
  • Transponder key extraction

Transponder Car Key Duplication

If you own a transponder car key, it’s a good idea to make a copy so that if the original is lost, stolen or broken, your car key can be replaced much more easily and at a much lower cost

247 Auto Locksmiths are thoroughly trained in smart key technology and always carry blank transponder keys for every major car manufacturer. So if you have your original transponder car key, they can easily copy the original blade, adjust the radio frequencies and program the electronic chip to match your original key in less than half an hour.

If you lose your car key and don’t have another copy, our car locksmiths can still create a new transponder key for you, but the process is more difficult, takes longer and is more expensive.

Contact 247 Auto Locksmith to come to you and create a transponder key copy for peace of mind.

Transponder Key Programming / Reprogramming

One of the most common problems that smart key owners face is when the car key suddenly “doesn’t work.” You can open the car remotely, disable the alarm, put the key in the ignition, but it either won’t turn or the car simply won’t start.

It’s extremely disconcerting, but on the bright side, 247 Auto Locksmith can be at your side within 30 minutes and fix your key problems in no time!

Our specialist car locksmiths can diagnose if the problem is the electronic transponder codes in your transponder key. If so, they can use their auto key programmer and specialist equipment to reprogram your car key chip to match your car. Within minutes you’ll be back to business!

Call us now for immediate transponder key programming or reprogramming wherever you are!

Transponder Key Repair

Smart Keys for cars

It is very difficult to break a transponder car key, but they are much easier to fix! The key bow (head) is usually encased in strong plastic, but if this is cracked, then the chips inside might be damaged. In these cases, our highly trained car locksmiths can investigate if there is any physical damage to the chips inside and, if so, can replace both the casing and the compromised components.

At the other end, the key blade is much thicker and stronger than the old style car keys, but in very rare cases they can be broken or damaged as well. If only the key blade is damaged or broken off, our auto locksmith can cut and replace it with a new, manufacture issued key blade and attach it to your existing transponder key bow. Repairing the broken component of your transponder key is usually a quicker and more cost-effective alternative to creating a completely new one, which is why our 247 Auto Locksmiths are also trained in diagnosis and repair.

Transponder Key Replacement

If your transponder car key is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair, you are probably not going to be in the mood to hear that it will need to be replaced with a manufacturer approved copy. This is why you want to call 247 Auto Locksmiths: we will try our utmost to offer a more affordable solution. In some rare cases, though, the only viable option is to entirely replace the original transponder key.

To replace a transponder key without the original key is a complicated process.  The key and the chip inside must both be issued by your manufacturer and programmed not only to their requirements but specifically for your car’s algorithms. Each smart key has its own specific transponder codes and algorithms. This is why only trained technicians with professional car locksmith equipment, an auto key programmer and access to your car manufacturer’s database can fix or replace a transponder car key. They also need to enter your personal information and your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), so no one can create a new transponder key for your car without your cooperation.

Fortunately, all our car locksmiths are equipped and trained in the latest technological advances specific to almost every car make and model available in the United States. When you call 247 Auto Locksmith, we can make a new transponder key on the spot and have you back on the road in no time.

How do Transponder Keys Work?

Transponder car keys may fit neatly in the palm of your hand, but they represent the latest international technological advances in car security. Your insurance company will probably award you extra credits for owning a transponder key because they add an extra layer of anti-theft security to your car.  

Smart keys enable 3 levels of security:

  • Physical key locks
  • Remote radio frequency locks
  • Proximity electromagnetic ignition locks that can immobilize the engine block

Some cars don't need a physical car key to start the engine

If your car requires a transponder key, not only can you lock your car both physically and via remote control, but you also have an extra anti-theft security measure incorporated into your ignition cylinder lock:  an electromagnetic field of energy that prevents your ignition from starting without the correct digital responder code. This means your car can only be started with your specific car key and can’t be physically hotwired by car thieves.

Some cars that use transponder technology don’t even need the key blade itself; the car can be started with a push button, but only when the transponder fob is within short range.

The transponder key chip is also programmed with rotating algorithm codes. This means that each time your car key is in the vicinity of your ignition lock, the ignition sends a new electronic signal that requires your key to respond with a different code before it will allow the car to start. Now that’s a really smart key!

Remote Key vs Transponder Key

A remote car key and a transponder key often look the same on the outside. The differences are usually hidden inside the plastic key bow (head) or fob. Most people are not even aware they are carrying such an advanced slice of security and technology in their coat pocket until they need to fix or replace their transponder key!

Remote keys offer two levels of security: they enable you to lock or unlock your car physically, with the double-sided key blade, or remotely, using a button that activates radio frequencies. The radio frequencies are specific to your car and can also trigger your car alarm system or open and close your car windows. This handy accessory means you don’t have to set your car alarm manually, like in the good old days, or go around to each door and window of your car locking them separately.

There are 3 ways to tell if you own a transponder key or a remote key:  

  • Ask at your car dealership or call the manufacturer
  • Ask a car locksmith to open the bow/ fob and check for you
  • Wrap the bow (plastic head) of your car key in aluminum foil and try to start your car. If you own a transponder key, the aluminum foil will disrupt the electronic signal and your car won’t start.

Transponder car keys use the same radio frequency technology to lock and unlock your car, but they also have an additional security measure: an electronic algorithm chip that responds remotely (up to a meter) to your ignition lock’s signals. So if a car thief manages to break into your car and disable your alarm physically, they still won’t be able to start the engine and steal the car. This is the most common reason, according to insurance analysts, that modern car thieves prefer to steal older cars that do not have such sophisticated security measures.

If you need your transponder car key repaired, reprogrammed or replaced, call 247 Auto Locksmith for a professional solution on the spot!