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How To Prevent Motorcycle Theft

Motorcycle locks and security are important aspects of our locksmith solutions. Our range of services is designed to provide every motorcycle owner with locksmith solutions when needed.    

Why You Need Motorcycle Security

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Motorcycles are the number one target of vehicle theft in America today. Data from the insurance clearing houses show that motorcycles are the easiest vehicle targets and it has been suggested that one reason is that many owners don’t invest in effective motorcycle security.

Why are Motorcycles Prime Targets for Theft?

Many cars come with high tech anti-theft devices and complicated security alarm systems, while motorcycle doesn't, and many times lack basic theft-prevention tools. You need to get past a car’s alarm system and physically sit in the car to steal it, leaving the thief open to being caught in the act. Stealing a motorcycle is a lot easier and less risky for a thief. A thief hot wiring a motorbike can seem to passersby like they are simply checking the ignition or the engine of their own bike. If they are wearing a motorcycle helmet, most people would assume they are the rightful motorcycle owner. And if they are caught, they are free to run away on foot without having to exit a car first and no one would be able to identify them with their face covered.

Motorcycles are also targeted because they can be easily sold either for their parts or as is to a new owner. And let us not forget, most motorcycles are fun and practically irresistible, especially to someone who likes to live on the wild side!

Effective Motorcycle Security Measures

It’s clear why a thief would want to target your motorbike, but what can you do to prevent them riding away with it? In our experience, protecting your motorcycle is a mixture of common sense and choosing the best security system for your bike. Motorcycle security technology has come a long way in the last decade and most professional solutions are popular enough to be affordable. You should definitely take advantage of some or all of the following motorcycle security solutions:

  • Disc Brake Locks – this handy, inexpensive and lightweight lock is easy to carry, yet extremely difficult to pick. It stops your motorbike wheel from turning, so even if a thief has your engine revving, they can’t go anywhere.

  • U-locks – back up your disc brake locks with a U-lock that as a combination code or at least a multi-layer cylinder lock so it’s not easily picked. The hardened steel used to make a U-lock can’t be cut in seconds with metal clippers, like most chain motorcycle locks.

  • Transponder Key – if your bike doesn’t already have one, you should upgrade to a transponder key. A transponder key is programmed to match the specific security algorithm code that matches the one in your bike’s ignition cylinder.

  • Security Alarm – Some disc brake locks have inbuilt alarm systems, but we recommend you have a separate one ignition cylinder. It creates another layer of security for any motorcycle thief to bypass, which increases their risk of getting caught.

  • Tracking Device - Most of these security measures will effectively deter any amateur or unprepared thief, but if you have a premium bike, it’s worthwhile investing in a tracking device. They are hidden, built in and if a master thief does manage to bypass all your security protocols, you (or the police) will be able to track and retrieve your bike immediately.

All our professional auto locksmiths are also trained as specialist motorcycle locksmiths. We can recommend, install and repair any of your motorcycle security systems.

Common Sense Security Tips

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There are certainly many effective ways to prevent motorcycle theft, but the best deterrent is common sense. From our years of experience, we have collected a number of common sense tips that are also effective thief deterrents:

  • Cover your bike overnight – more professional thieves will stake out their target before they act, making sure they have all the necessary tools to circumvent your security measures. Covering your bike will not only hide your security measures so they can’t prepare, it will also make them unsure if your motorcycle is worth the effort and risk.

  • Park indoors – This limits their ability to cut and run if they are caught in the act, increasing the risk enough that most thieves won’t bother.

  • Place your locks higher up – many chain locks can be broken against the hard ground.

  • Take the shine off – You don’t need to clean your bike every week, nor add all the latest bells and whistles, such as surround sound and trimming on the seats. Let’s face it: the only thing more eye-catching than a shiny, new motorcycle is one with all the latest motorcycle accessories.

Motorcycles are one of the ultimate freedoms: fun, thrilling, practical and eye-catching. You can simply jump on and ride off, bypass the traffic and head for the hills. But for the same reasons, bikes are also prime targets for motorcycle theft. With these simple locksmith tips, you can keep your freedom ride safe and secure.