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How to Never Lose Your Car Keys

We have all been there: You have someplace you have to be, get dressed for the occasion, check the mirror a few times, ask your family or friends how you look, get the OK on your outfit, get ready to head out, grab for your car keys, and discover… they are nowhere to be found. You rummage through bags and briefcases and purses, piles of paper and pockets, only to give up in a miserable heap of frustration. The reality is that there is nothing worse than not being able to find your car keys, especially when, and even when you are not, in a rush. Here are some handy tips you can hold on to (and do please hold on to them), so that you never lose your car keys again.

Where did I put my car keys?

It is a very unsettling feeling for sure, and most if not all of us have experienced it.  What with busy schedules, busy lives, and too many directions to go in, it is a wonder that any of us know where our keys are half the time!  Let’s start by first establishing where we should be putting our keys so we always know where they are.

•  Give your keys a home

One of the easiest things you can do is designate a spot in your home that is, in whatever way you design it , the official place where you keep your keys.  The logic goes something like this. If you designate, for example, a side table in your living room as your “key spot,” you will always know where they are and will never have to search anywhere else for them.  Once that becomes their spot, that is exactly where they will be, or at least should be when they are not in your ignition.

  •  Clear out the clutter

The area you designate to be your key’s newfound “home,” should be clutter and mess free.  If the spot you have chosen is crowded with papers piled high, there’s a good chance, despite designating an official spot, that you still will not be able to find your keys!

  •  Keep them near oft-used items (cell phone, distance glasses for driving)

Most of us will not leave home without our cellphones, wallet, or perhaps, travel mug of coffee.  Put your keys near these items all the time so that when you leave the house, you are set and ready without having to think twice!

How to Prevent Losing Your Car Keys

Even if you choose not to follow the advice above, there are tips and tricks you can use that will help you avoid this situation altogether.  As for preventing losing your keys, have a look below.

  •  Do not panic

The absolute worst thing you can do when you cannot find your keys is to panic or as it is described in the vernacular,  freak out. While doing so is most understandable and many of us have been there, getting anxious and panicky serves to short-circuit our focus, making it that much harder to find what you are looking for.  Take a deep breath, enlist others’ help if possible, and search everywhere you think they may be, including places you are nearly certain they will not be. And even if you do not find them, high blood pressure from the stress is surely not worth it.

  • Use a key tracker

It was only a matter of time before technology caught up to this part of our lives, but mercifully, it has! You can purchase a tracker that sits on your keychain and communicates with an app on your phone.  If and when you cannot locate your phone, you can use your phone’s Bluetooth technology to send out an electronic search party for your keys. Some trackers beep or flashlights to let you know where your keys are and others will notify you when your keys and phone are not within the same range.

  •  Get a wireless key finder

Similar to a Bluetooth enabled key tracker, a wireless key finder can be programmed to locate several keys and even other items within your home, all through a remote control.  If you are looking for your car keys and have a wireless key finder chip, attached to them, your remote, via GPS navigational systems, will send out an alarm and notify you of your key’s whereabouts. While the GPS system works through furniture and 24/ 7, it is markedly more expensive than using Bluetooth.

  •  Last but certainly not least, always make sure you have a spare key.

Back in the days before everything was “app controlled,” we either tried very hard not to lose our keys or made copies of the ones we needed. No technology can substitute for the peace of mind an extra set of keys can provide.  And no matter how many app’s, designated areas, or key tracking plans you have in place, one of your best moves will always be to have (at least) an extra key on hand. Remember that whatever you do though, try really hard not to lose the spare!

Trying to find a set of lost car keys can feel like you are searching for a needle in a haystack.  Be that as it may, using trackers and devices most definitely beats not being able to go where you have to.  Use our helpful tips so that you can avoid losing your keys, and contact 24/7 Autolocksmith for all your security needs!