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Preventing Kids from Getting Locked in a Car

The fear of accidentally locking your child in a car, no matter the weather, can be daunting.  Even parents with the best focus and intention to do no harm to their kids, sometimes make the mistake of inadvertently locking them in their vehicle.  There are new technologies and reminders on the market that make remembering that kids are in the car before locking them in, much easier. Learn how to prevent locking your kids in your car and what to do if you have.

child locked in car prevention

“I Could Never Lock My Child in The Car”

It seems so odd to somehow forget that your child is in the backseat of your car.  In fact, it seems even stranger when you are the one who buckled them into their car seat in the first place.  And as much as we may look at parents who have left their kids in a car with disdain, anger, and a bit of self-righteousness, we are all at risk for doing the same thing.

So how do you prevent this from happening to your kids?  Take a look at these eight tips.

  • Put something you typically have on you, next to your child

Whether you choose to put your cell phone, attache, groceries, or even your left shoe, use something that you generally never leave the car or your house with. This technique helps to ensure that you will notice your child while gathering your things, even if they are sound asleep.

  • Check your car seats all the time

Whether you have brought your child along for the ride, think you did, cannot remember if you did, or are certain you did, make it a point never to walk away until you have carefully checked the back car seats.

  • Pen and paper

Tape, glue, or otherwise secure a handwritten note to your driver’s side dashboard or steering wheel that says, “Don’t forget to check the back seat.”  Some people who use this technique include a picture of their child reminding them of the precious cargo they have in the back.

  • Open the back doors first

Upon exiting your vehicle, remind yourself to open the car’s backdoors and inspect the backseat area.  As with checking car seats, open the back doors whether your kids are with you or not so you create muscle memory and can call on it when you need it most.

  • Adjust the car seat position

While you need to follow the regulations that guide car seat placement to ensure that the seat is installed safely, you can adjust the position you place the seat in. Placing car seats in the middle of your back row allows you to see your child and/ or their seat in your rearview mirror.

  • Check the whole car

Perhaps checking the back seats of your car is not a reminder that works for you.  Perhaps opening the back doors first is also not for you. If that is the case, then by all means, make it a point to check your entire car, no matter the order of spaces you choose.  

  • Car seat alarms and apps

These devices are newer, innovative, and ingenious inventions that have already saved countless lives.  You can purchase keychain rings that sync to a mechanism on the car seat’s straps that, upon turning off the ignition, will sound an alarm reminding you that your child is in the back seat.  The Sense A Life wireless alarm notifies the driver, four separate times, not to forget their child. This is done at first with a recording that tells you there is an occupant in a car seat that needs to be removed.  The second alarm is an LED flashing light, the third reminder sends a mobile alert to your phone, and the fourth contacts your pre-programmed emergency contact with your GPS location. It is important to note that while some cars are now being manufactured with built-in child safety alarms, these “add-on” devices are both life-saving and worth their weight in, well... your child.

What to do If You Have Locked a Child in Your Car

No matter how many tips you study, put into practice or spend money on, the fact remains that we are all fallible.  Once again, even the best and brightest parents can make the mistake of accidentally locking their kids in the car.

Here are some ideas to help you handle the situation responsibly.

  • Put your locksmith on speed dial

If you have already had the forethought to protect yourself and your child in case this situation occurs, call your local car locksmiths and we will unlock your door as quickly as possible.  It pays to have us listed as an emergency contact.

  • Notice the time

Taking note of the time will let you, your locksmith, and if necessary, emergency responders and the police, know how long your child has been locked in the car. This is particularly important in extreme heat or cold, as it will guide the decision of whether or not to break your windows and get your child out of the car before help arrives.

  • Remain calm and compassionate

This may seem like the craziest advice there is, but it is not! Panic and hysterics will serve only to upset your child and in turn, make you feel and look utterly out of control.  Additionally, beating yourself up for making a mistake will serve to make you feel that much worse than you need to.

Call 24/ 7 Locksmiths for all of your car lock issues.  We have you covered!