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Ignition Failure? We Can Help!

Your car won’t start? The key won’t turn? Or the engine simply won’t rev? Sounds like you have an ignition switch problem. With our advanced training and equipment, 247 Auto Locksmith can repair or replace ignition cylinders on the spot!

Key stuck in the ignition

Why call a car locksmith for ignition problems?

The ignition lock cylinder of your car may be an integral part of the engine, but it is essentially a sophisticated lock. It locks the car so it won’t start without the matching key, it locks the steering column, it locks all the electronic devices in the car and it locks the car security system. When you turn your key in the ignition, it unlocks all these devices and unlocks the electronic paths between the battery and the engine.

Calling a professional car locksmith to fix a faulty ignition switch seems a lot more logical now, doesn’t it?

Not only is 247 Auto Locksmith the most appropriate service provider to diagnose and fix car ignition problems, but our services and parts are much cheaper than you will find at your car manufacturer or local garage. Yet each one of our car locksmiths are highly trained and only use manufacture approved parts and tools. Our services are even manufacturer approved and won’t void your car warranty!

And finally, when you call our service you won’t need a tow or wait till a mechanic can ‘squeeze’ you in: we come to you, which is a big advantage when your car won’t start, and can diagnose and fix the problem on the spot.

No extra expenses, no unnecessary delays.

Simply call 247 Auto Locksmith to get your ignition repaired now!

What is ignition failure?

Ever put the key in the car ignition lock, but it won’t turn? Or even if it does turn, the car won’t start? There is simply be no response, or maybe a faint wheezing effort, but the engine just won’t rev. Yes, it’s very frustrating, but did you know that 247 Auto Locksmiths are also trained in ignition switch replacement, diagnosis and repair?

Normally, when you turn your key in the ignition, it sends a message to the car battery and engine that you want to start driving. When your ignition locks up it blocks that message and prevents the car from sparking. There may be absolutely nothing wrong with the engine or the other car parts.

Diagram of car ignition switch partsThe ignition cylinder is made up of several parts:

  • A key lock with either pins or a wafer lock code.

  • A steering column locking pin

  • An electronic chip

  • A transponder chip Several sets of electronic wires that lead to the car’s battery, electrical devices and start motor

If any of these parts are faulty, worn, dirty or damaged, it can prevent the ignition from sending the message to your car engine.

If you are stuck in this situation, simply call 247 Auto Locksmith to fix all your ignition problems.

What causes ignition failure?

Ignition failure is usually caused by either a faulty key or a faulty ignition cylinder.

A damaged or worn out key blade or a faulty transponder chip can prevent the ignition from turning. This actually means your car security system is working well, but you will still need professional assistance from a trained auto locksmith to either repair or replace your car key.

If the problem is not your key, then it is most likely the ignition itself. There are several reasons an ignition might fail. The most common are:ignition switch cylinder chip

  • A manufacturer defect - this will simply require that part within the ignition cylinder to be replaced.

  • Attempted theft - novice car thieves often break apart an ignition block trying to get at the wiring behind.

  • A dirty or blocked key lock - if your key lock is dirty, if a foreign object has gotten inside or if your car key has broken off in the lock.

  • Worn out pins or wafers - these are the cuts inside the ignition lock that match your key and they can wear out over time.

  • A faulty transponder chip - an electronic chip inside the ignition cylinder sends an encrypted message to your transponder car key whenever it is within range. If either chip is faulty, the car won’t start and one of the chips might need to be reprogrammed.

In all of these cases, please do not attempt to fix the ignition cylinder by yourself – it usually causes further damage that is more complicated and expensive to fix.

Call a 247 Auto Locksmith professional to repair your ignition cylinder like new!