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Car Trunk Lockout: When Your Keys Are Locked In the Car Trunk

car trunk lockout services anywhere, anytimeOne of the most unfortunate things to happen is locking keys in the trunk of your car. Few people would knowingly lock their keys in the trunk. In many cases, when retrieving items from your trunk, you could accidentally drop your keys, and when distracted, lock the trunk. Calls about lockout problems dominate our call centers spread out across the nation. Over the years, we have provided professional car lockout services as well as rekey a lock whenever it is necessary.

We have satellite offices in all major cities and regional centers manned by competent personnel. This allows us to provide services such as locked keys in the trunk. It is not something you would want to happen and delaying the extraction could mean a disruption in your daily schedule more so, public transport fares.

Car Trunk Locks

The automotive industry continues to make strides in using technology to enhance the security of cars. One of the areas that incorporate technology is trunk locks. The locks differ from one make to the other, and as years change, the trunk security changes for all models. For this reason, there are no handbooks to direct you on how to open a trunk. This then leaves only one option, to get a professional auto locksmith specializing in lockout services.

With some manufacturers, the security levels are so high that you might have to rekey a lock. It is an honest mistake to pick up similarities between a door lock and a trunk; they have different designs. Before you call an auto locksmith, ensure to visit their website. Ascertain that they can rekey a lock, retrieve locked keys in the trunk, despite your trunk having non-standard security modifications.

Let us look at what you should do when you realize that you have locked your keys in the trunk.


Use the Contacts on Our Website

The internet is the absolute lifesaver; you can get virtually anything whenever you need it. With keys in the trunk, only a professional can safely extract your keys from a locked car trunk. We have been in the auto locksmith industry for a little over five years, we have honed our skills in the business, and you can contact with a few clicks.

We have active customer service lines in all our satellite offices with knowledgeable customer care representatives. They will dispatch a rapid response crew to your location within 30 minutes. During rush hour, the locksmiths could take up to an hour, but not a moment more.

Describe the Car Lockout Problem to the Locksmith

When our auto locksmiths arrive, ensure to describe your problem. This is to confirm with the report given by the dispatcher. We have all the modern locksmith tools and equipment as well as those tested to open a trunk and extract the keys from the trunk. Most manufacturers have gone to great lengths to secure the car trunk to avert the risk of your car being broken into when you are not in its vicinity. Our professional auto locksmith will then diagnose the problem and figure out the fastest way to retrieve your locked keys in the trunk.

The whole process takes no more than 15 minutes, after which they will give you the price for the car lockout service. We have a cashless payment system, though we accept cash and the locksmith will issue a receipt. Inexperienced auto locksmiths are unprepared, and despite having the tools, they can aggravate the situation that you would require to rekey a lock. Avoid extra costs by ensuring that you have contacted the experienced locksmiths.

Rekey a Lock

A deadlocked trunk is one of the most troubling situations, which mean that even with older models that have a space behind the backseat leading to the trunk, you cannot retrieve the keys in the trunk. There is a variety of deadlock systems some standard as well as custom systems. A deadlocked trunk cannot open without the proper key, and only a professional auto locksmith can manipulate the lock without the need to remove and rekey the lock. No matter the type of deadlock system you have, our experience puts us in a better position to extract the keys for you.

Ask For a Copy

Less than 5% of car owners have duplicate keys, and this is the leading cause of car lockout problems. Essentially, when you purchase a car, get a copy made from the original key. This way you will save time and money for instance when you have locked keys in the trunk. When our auto locksmith finishes the extraction from the car trunk, ask that they make a copy of your key. If you have not exhausted your warranty, you can get the dealership to make a copy of your key. However, this may take a few days or up to two weeks. The process will require that they tow your car.

We provide fast services because car lockout is an emergency that could inconvenience your schedule. Our auto locksmiths have the skills, experience, and the equipment to duplicate your key on the spot, so make the better choice, and save our number in your emergency contacts list.

We have competitively priced services, and our professionals will be at your location in 30 minutes and retrieve your keys in half the time it took them to get there.

No matter the make or model of vehicle that you drive, take the guesswork out of hiring an auto locksmith and contact 247 Auto Locksmiths as soon as you have locked keys in the trunk.