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Auto Security Tips

Cars are stolen from all over for various reasons. Whether they are stolen for parts or because someone needs a set of wheels and yours are there for the taking, it is crucial that you learn how to protect your car and prevent it from being so easily stolen.  Take a look at our helpful tips and learn how to keep your car out of the hands of thieves.

Car thefts occur at night, during the daytime, and all hours in between.  While some thieves are less daring and prefer to keep their activities quiet and less visible, there are those who will see a car, and take a car, even in broad daylight. No matter what time of day, there are few things more aggravating than returning to your parking spot, only to discover that your car is simply not where you left it! We will help you do whatever it takes so that you do not become a victim of car theft.

Car Theft Prevention

So how do you keep your car safe from theft?

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    It may seem rather obvious, but always make sure you know where your car keys are. It is so very easy to lose sight of where you put them, especially when you think of all the things you have to do and take care of.  Realistically, there are only so many places your head can be! That said, however, you should always have your car keys on you in your purse or pocket, and be extremely mindful of not losing it. Also, make sure that spare car keys (you have a spare key, right?) are not left in obvious hiding spots. Even if it is obvious to one person, that one person could be the criminal who makes off with your car.

  • Always make sure your car is locked, both when you are in it and when you are not.  Unlocked car doors, even with passengers inside, can be targets for carjackings. When you are not in your car, it should be rather obvious as to why your car should be locked.  Whatever you do, do not make stealing your vehicle easy for criminals.

  • Keep medications, cash, jewelry, gifts, cell phones, mobile devices, and anything of value, out of your car, especially if it is easily seen.  Not everyone that steals or burgles a car wants the vehicle but rather, what is inside. Bear in mind that a drug addict who is looking for a fix may not care that all you have in your pharmacy bag is aspirin.  And an electronics thief may not be able to detect that your newer looking phone is actually a junk. Do not give criminals the opportunity to find out what you really have.

  • If you are not in the car, do not leave it running.  Whether your key is in your ignition or you have turned it on remotely, a running car makes for an ideal getaway.  Not only does idling your vehicle make it a target, but it pollutes the air, and is illegal in several states. Whatever your reasons for turning your car on when you are not behind the wheel, do not do it.

Maintaining Your Car’s Security with Alarms and Anti- Theft Devices

In addition to these tricks of the trade, there are a host of devices you can add or have installed that will make it even more difficult to steal. And if the worst case scenario plays out, there are ways to locate and retrieve your vehicle.

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    Car Alarms

Car alarm installations for your vehicle can add a new level of security to your vehicle. With emergency services available 24/7 no matter where you are, you are sure to get a quality alarm system that notifies the police in case someone tries to break in and steal your car. Whatever alarm system you choose, it is vital that you choose one that is right for you and that you leave the installation to experts like us!

  • Auto location devices

Services like OnStar, LoJack, and other GPS auto locators can find your vehicle if it has been stolen, and shut off your ignition remotely. This prevents the thieves who have stolen your car from driving it away and makes them a target- for the police.

  • The Club

No, this is not about joining one, but using the device by the same name.  The Club is a steering wheel, Anti-theft, extendable, and a double hooked device that fits within the inner rim of your steering wheel at two points.  The device is extended to ensure a tight fit across the wheel, secured, and then locked in place. The Club is sturdy and dependable and can only be opened with a key. Additionally, it often has a brightly colored, plastic sheath over its midsection.  This allows for greater visibility and lets crooks know they do not stand a chance.

  • Hood Lock

With a properly installed lock placed on your hood, your car is protected from thieves looking to steal your car for parts.  This lock attaches to your hood’s latch and prevents anyone from opening it, unless they have the key. Hood Locks block access to the most vital, operational parts of your car, like your engine and battery for example, and make tampering with your car and exercise in illegal futility.

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