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Tip-Top Car Lock Maintenance Tips

Having a car is a blessing — we can go to our work, school or wherever we need without using a bus, tram, train or asking members of our keep driving with good car lock maintenancefamily or friends if they can drive us. However, there are situations when we would rather walk everywhere or take a taxi than dealing with problems our car is causing. It can be literally everything — from changing some used parts in the car to something small like problems with locks. It seems small but when we think about it, locks and keys are probably the most problematic thing while having a car.

None of us wants to wake up in the morning, get ready for work or school and find out that it doesn't want to work as they should or the key stuck in the ignition switch. In that situation, we can wonder what can be wrong, if it is a faulty lock or maybe the key is not working anymore? If we are not experts in that field, we will not figure it out on our own.


Prevent yourself from having a bad day

We usually don't think about the maintenance of our car locks. We just use the car, drive where we need to go and that's it. Without the maintenance locks become worn and it is just the matter of time when it will fail. For some reason, people think that a door lock cannot stop working. However, every turn of the key in the lock or every rainy day have an influence on the quality of our car lock. Fortunately, we can remember some things which will help us keep the lock in shape:


1. Put your car in the garage

As it was mentioned, rain is an enemy for any kind of locks. If we don't have a garage where we can hide our car, it can be problematic to avoid the water pouring down on our car in buckets. However, if we have any possibility to do that, we should keep the locks in our car as much dry as it's possible. It will prevent the rust getting into the lock.


2. Use the key carefully

While being in a hurry, we are doing everything as fast as we can. Sometimes it's not really a good idea. If we try to put our key into the lock in a fast way, we can accidentally break something without even knowing about it. We will not be able to see it as the damage is done inside of the lock. It will have the impact on the quality of the lock and after some time we will probably notice that it doesn't work as it should.


3. Use the remote control

The regular flat key, that we use every day, will get worn after some time. The more often we use it, the faster its quality will get worse. of course, if we use our car on a daily basis, we have to use the key to open the door. If our locks can be opened with the simple "click" of the remote control, it will be the perfect solution — not only is it faster, but it also reduces the number of times when we need to put our key in the lock and turn it to get inside of the car.


4. Clean your door locks without overdoing it

The car lock maintenance is really easy. It will be enough if we put some liquid which is used to clean door locks but sometimes even the use of a wet rug would be a good idea too. If we use some chemicals to clean the car locks, we can destroy the lock without intending to do it. And if the lock itself is fine, some detergents can make it look worse by damaging the finish of the car lock.


5. Door locks require annual lubrication

If you want your car lock work, probably the most important thing is to lubricate it. However, we should remember that petroleum-based products are not recommended by locksmiths. We can use graphite-based lubricants, however, the best and the easiest to use is Teflon or any other dry lubricants.

It is very simple thing to do — we just need to spray the lubricant into the car lock. After that, we have to put the key in and out few times and make sure to wipe everything that is in going out with the key. It takes only a few minutes and it needs to be done at least once a year. We can also take out the whole car lock and lubricate it properly in that way, however, most of us don't do it because of the lack of time.


6. Copy duplicate keys from an original

If we want the car lock to work properly, we cannot forget about the key itself. The quality of the keys tends to be worse and worse with their every use. If we are changing our lock in the car, we might think about making a copy of the key. It will prevent car lockouts in the future. Once our duplicate car key stops working properly, we can take the original one and we don't have to worry about anything.


If you need help, even though you keep your locks in a good shape, call for our nearest 24/7 Autolocksmith technician. He will come and gladly fix your car lock or do any other car lock repairs you need.