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Replace or Install New Car Door Locks The Right Way!

Car door locks are often the most neglected parts of cars when it comes to maintenance practices. Even though they are one of those parts that you need to use every single time you want to get in and start up your car, many car owners tend not to pay too much attention to their car door locks, and only realize they should be cared

car door lock


 for when they fail and need to be fixed or replaced.

However, car door lock replacement is really not that big of a deal and you can get it done quickly and with reasonable costs by a professional car locksmith.


Reasons to consider new car lock installation

The reasons why you might need a car locks installation, be it car door lock replacement or new ignition cylinder installation, are various and may happen from time to time. One of the most common is when your key doesn’t turn in the car door or even if it turns it, the car doesn’t respond properly, the key gets stuck, etc. These can happen due to some mechanical damage of the lock or the key, as well as due to a more complex electrical issue. Generally, if you notice that your car doesn’t lock and unlock normally, contact a car locksmith service for help. A professional locksmith will easily diagnose the problem and find the best solution.


If you ignore the first signs of your car locks not working properly, you may end up in a car lockout situation, when the locks will stop working altogether, leaving you with no possibility of entering or starting your car.


It may happen that your car keys are either stolen or lost. In most cases of losing the keys, you will only need a car key replacement. But if your keys were stolen or you are not sure how and where you lost them, it is best to have your car locks replaced immediately. This way you eliminate any risk of your keys getting into unauthorized hands.


Another situation when car door locks replacement might be needed is after changing your ignition locks. It is common that after you had your car ignition replaced, the locksmith will give you a new set of keys, instead of rekeying the new cylinder. This way, you might be left with two keys - for the car door and for the ignition, which is not a very convenient option, and not all car door locks can me rekeyed. This is why sometimes when you change ignition cylinder, you should also consider car door locks replacement.


Whatever the reason for your car locks failure, it is highly recommended to call for professional help, instead of trying to repair the locks on your own. These are complex devices with electrical systems connected to them, so it might be dangerous both for you and for your car to try to fix the problem on your own. You can also loose insurance or warranty on some parts, if you insist on repairing it yourself and altering them in the process.


Upgrade your locks to keyless car locks solutions

It might also be that you don’t experience any of the above-mentioned issues, but simply want to upgrade your old locks with new keyless car door locks. Keyless systems are very convenient. They offer central control over all locks and great amount of security. A remote control for a keyless system is usually built into an ignition key. The car door locks do not have a separate key, just a remote control system. By pressing a button on the key, all car doors lock or unlock.ignition locks are car locks too!


Even though car door locks are normally operated by the same key as the car ignition lock, however, those two locks are two separate and different devices not to be confused with each other. The ignition lock of a car is where you put the key to start up the engine, and it can only be accessed once the car door has been opened. This means that if you have problems or complications with the car door locks, you don’t necessarily need to replace your car ignition lock as well. However, it might be more convenient to get car door locks replaced and get a car ignition lock replacements at the same time, so they operate with one key or the same system, like the already mentioned keyless car door locking system.



Contact us for locksmith services now

All locksmith services we offer are not only for all makes and models of cars, but also for all types of motorbikes, trucks, commercial vans and industrial vehicles. We offer repair and replacement of all types of car locks available at the market. We work with traditional locks and keys, as well as with the latest smart technologies, replacing and installing smart car locks and offering advice on how to program and use them. Our technicians can even help you with installing required apps, so you can go through the settings together and be sure you know what to do with your new keyless smart locking system.


Our team can be contacted at all times, whenever there is a problem or an emergency. We always try to reach you as fast as possible. We use only high quality, certified parts and locks. You will be informed about the price and parts we will use prior to the service. We are transparent and honest. No hidden costs on the service or on the parts, and no surprises.


So don’t hesitate, grab your phone and let us know what your issue is!


Car Door Locks FAQ

My car lock is no longer working smoothly. What should I do?

If your lock does not lock and unlock smoothly there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot it before you call on our professional service. The first thing you should do is check to see that the lock operate smoothly with your door open. Hold the door open and turn it with your key. If everything works fine then it is not an issue with the lock. The problem is instead with the alignment of your door and the car frame. You can also look at your door and frame to see if there any warps or twists in it. You should check to verify that your door completely rests against the doorstop and remains in place. If, for example, you have a weatherstrip on your car door it might be physically obstructing the pathway. Metal doors and metal frames can twist and start to rust as they get older. In such cases it might be time to call upon our professional services to come to your location and fix the issue.

Do I need high security locks for my car?

If you want to keep your property and assets secured, it is recommended that high security locks be installed. There are many types of locks available for different car brands. Some of these come equipped with video surveillance functions so that you can view who is approaching your car door. Others connect to smart phone technology such that you can keep track of who is using your car, where they are going, and when. Conversely, you can unlock the car doors to give access without being physically present. There are many options and each designed to fit different needs. As such it is recommended that you contact our customer service department will dispatch a professional to your location to go over what options best suit your situation.