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Replacing A Car Door Lock The Easy Way

replacing car door locksCar door locks are the basis of any car security system. Locks keep you and your passengers safe, but also protect the car (or anything that’s inside) from being stolen. This is why car door locks should be serviced regularly and properly maintained. They are also those parts of the car that are used most often, and yet many car owners don’t pay too much attention to their locks until they stop working or other type of car lock emergency happens.


When Do You Need A Car Lock Change

If a car door lock works properly, then whenever you turn your car key in the lock, the latch mechanism locks or unlocks the door right away. If your car has a power door lock then you should be able to lock or unlock all the doors of the car with just one turn in the front door lock. But if your car door lock is damaged, jammed or the cylinder is simply worn-out, you might encounter difficulties when locking or unlocking your car door. If you ignore these difficulties for too long, the car door lock cylinder can cause the key to get stuck or break off inside. In such cases, you should always contact a professional locksmith who will assess the damage and probably offer a car lock change.


Another situation when it is recommended to replace car locks is when you lose your car keys or - the worst case scenario - when they get stolen. Both losing and getting your car keys stolen pose danger to the safety of your vehicle and any property that’s inside. Most of the times they lead to a car lockout, which means that you are unable to enter your vehicle, not to mention to start or drive it.


Sometimes you may not be sure what exactly happened with the key. If it is not returned to you or found within hours, the best thing to do is to contact emergency car lockout services for a locksmith to rekey or change your car door locks as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will never know who can have access to your vehicle. The process of rekeying is just changing the cylinders in your car door locks. It’s and easier and faster service than changing the entire lock, however sometimes it absolutely necessary to replace the locks completely. Especially when you have a remote key that opens your car and the key gets lost or stolen. In this situation the locks need to be replaced and a new key programmed, so that the old one will not be able to open the new locks and start the ignition.


A car door lock replacement may be also required when you experience problems with car boot or car trunk locks. Don’t forget that in most car models the boot or trunk can serve as a way to enter the vehicle, and it doesn’t take a master thief to know that and take advantage of a broken trunk or boot lock.


Other situations when you should consider changing your locks include: a sticking door lock or locks; broken or faulty door latches or when the central locking system stops working for some reason.

All these signals should not be ignored, as driving with faulty or damaged door locks or ignitions can be very dangerous, and might eventually lead to bigger problems and costs than having your car door locks changed.



Contact A Professional Locksmith Company Today

replace car door locks after attempted theftNaturally, you can try and repair or replace car locks by yourself, but the safest and fastest way is to call professionals. A trained locksmith will replace your car locks quickly and smoothly, causing no additional damages or scratches to your car door. Car lock change requires tools and a know-how, so it is much safer to rely on certified locksmith. The only thing that is advisable to do when you experience problems with turning the key inside the lock or other similar issues is to spray the lock with some lubrication. However, if this doesn’t help, you should wait no longer and contact a team of locksmiths to take a look at your car door locks.


And if you experience a car lockout, there is no other safe way to deal with the situation than to call an emergency car lockout services. Our company offers lockout help, as well as other services for your car door locks, keys and alarm systems. We are mobile car locksmith specialists, meaning we can come to your location and replace your car door lock on the spot in basically any neighborhood, town or city around the country.


The car door lock replacement process does not take long for a professional locksmith, and the costs tend to be very similar to a DIY car door lock change. So you shouldn’t worry that the service will be pricey, as changing the locks yourself also requires buying tools, new locks and keys. Our locksmith will offer the most suitable parts for your car model, so you there is no risk of buying the wrong type of lock or overpaying. Especially that you will get a price estimate before we come to your location, no additional costs and no surprises. Only professional and certified services for your car locks issues.

Take a look at our super low prices and you won’t hesitate to call our car lock change services now!