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Car Key Replacement

Whether lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, 247 Auto Locksmith can replace your car key even with no original key!

Standard Flat Car Key Cutting

Flat Car Key Replacement

If you have lost your car key and it’s a good, old fashioned, laser cut standard (or flat) car key that can open a can of pop, then you are luckier than you think! This is an easy matter for our 24/7 Auto Locksmith technician to fix.

Our mobile car locksmith technicians can arrive at your location within 30 minutes and simply remove the key cylinder with specialized equipment that won’t damage your car. They can then use their brand specific depth keys to map out your car’s specific lock code and cut you a new car key within minutes.


Remote Car Key Copy

Remote car key cutting and fob adjustment

If your remote key doesn’t work or is lost, our 24/7 Auto Locksmith technicians will have no trouble creating a new one for you.

The remote control in your car key is not in the key itself, but either inside the plastic bow (head) of the key or in the attached fob. A remote car key uses radio frequency waves to send a message to your car to lock or unlock the car doors remotely and in some cases, the windows as well.

Creating a car key copy without the original is a two-fold process: firstly the car key locksmith will need to use their specialist radio frequency equipment to discover which waves your car responds to and program a new chip accordingly. Secondly, they will need to create a key blade whose teeth match the physical locks in your car. They should be able to create a new key, with remote sensors included, within 30 minutes.

Each 24/7 Auto Locksmith technician has a set of blank keys provided by every major brand of car or motorbike available in the USA. So not only will your new key match your brand and specific car, but it has the manufacturer’s seal of approval.


Transponder Car Key Replacement

Transponder Key Replacement

A transponder key provides excellent added security and your insurance company will probably give you extra credit points for having one, but if you’ve lost your transponder key or had it stolen, these can be comparatively difficult keys to replace.

Transponder car keys need to be brand specific, to have physical teeth laser cut on 2 sides and radio waves that match your car’s frequencies. In addition, they also require separate electronic programming to unlock your ignition cylinder.

Luckily, all our 247 Auto Locksmith technicians are trained in the latest car brand specific technological advances and security systems, carry blank transponder car keys issued by each manufacturer and have internet access to each manufacturer’s car security codes. So they can log in to the car manufacturer’s website from their 247 Auto Locksmith van, upload your security information and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and instantly create a new, manufacturer approved transponder key for you on the spot!


Call 247 Auto Locksmith for professional, immediate car key replacement wherever you are!


Car Keys Duplication FAQ

I got a copy of my car key at a local hardware shop but it isn’t working. Why not?

Hardware stores do not always have the equipment or expertise to handle key duplications. They might not be able to more complex car keys like transponder keys. We, however, as certified auto locksmiths can copy any car key you have no matter how complex or how many security measures it involves