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Call Us To Repair Or Replace Your Broken Car Key


Whether you are going to a meeting, job interview or simply going home from work or night out, a broken car key can be a nightmare. Taxi service to get you home can be expensive, especially, if you are somewhere far from the place you live in, and during the night when nothing works, or at weekends, it can be even more expensive. A broken or not working key is an easy fix for us and we will do it for you!


Problems with your car key?

call us to fix car keys

When your key doesn't want to work for some reason, it can be really frustrating and time-consuming. If the key is broken — the only solution here is to call a locksmith who will make a new one for you. However, if you have, for example, a remote key for your car and it doesn't want to work, maybe you don't have to replace it with the new one. There can be many reasons why something like this happened and our locksmiths can check what is wrong with your key. Whatever the cause is — the battery is low, the operating system inside of the key has to be updated or reinstalled — it can be fixed and it will work as it is new! Also, it is much cheaper to fix your key than to make a new one and it doesn't take so much time to do that.


Different Kinds Of Car Keys Repaired By our Autolocksmith Technicians

Depending on the type of key you have there are different solutions. If it is a simple, old-fashioned flat car key, our car key locksmith technician can cut you a new key in a matter of minutes right there on the spot. However, if you have a remote car key, our locksmith can help you with that too but it might take a bit longer.

The remote control is not the key itself, but it is either placed inside the plastic bow of the key or in the attached fob. The way it works is by sending a message to your car using radio frequency waves, to lock or unlock the car doors remotely, and sometimes the windows as well. Creating a new key without the original takes approximately 30 minutes. Firstly, the car key locksmith will need to use their specialist radio frequency equipment to discover the frequency to which your car responds to and has to program a new chip accordingly. Then, a new key has to be made, and the teeth have to match the physical locks in your car.

Transponder car key can be difficult keys to replace if lost or stolen, but you have no need to worry! All our technicians are trained in the latest car brand specific technological advances and security systems, and can instantly create a new key for you on the spot.

Our car key replacement services will provide you with the best solution. Since we are a nationwide company, our car key locksmith technicians can come to your location within 30 minutes. 


We Are On Call Round The Clock!

You can always get help at 24/7 Auto Locksmith — when everything else is closed, we are here for you to provide you with the best solution to your issues. You don't have to worry even if you need help in the middle of the night. Since we are opened all the time, we can arrive at your place whenever you need us.

We offer a wide range of services, such as keys locked in your car, helping you being are locked out, keys replacement, broken auto lock functions, faulty microchip keys, broken car locks, car keys stuck in the ignition or the door, broken or bent car keys, and much more.


We are here all the time!

We are a leading provider of locksmith services. Our skilled technicians are adept in door lock repair, replacement, save opening, master key systems, house, car or door lockouts, the repair or replacement of most major brand locks, rekey services, ignition repair or key replacement for most cars and much more. In a case of a car lockout emergency, feel free to call us.

we also repair transponder car keysOur car locksmiths already have all the equipment they need with them upon arrival. Before doing anything, they will assess the situation, offer you a quote, and proceed with the solution after and with your approval. We are a certified, American wide company, we can afford to offer competitive prices for all situations, locations, and model of cars. No matter the car model, whether it is a classic or new, a motorbike or a truck, we service all kinds of vehicles.

Each member of our team is trained and certified by the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA) as a specialist for car locks of all makes and models. And we make sure they are each provided with the latest, state-of-the-art equipment they need to resolve your emergency on the spot. They are trained and licensed by the ALOA in: modifications, repairs, replication and duplication of keys, generating new keys for locks, unlocking vehicles of all makes and models, creating entirely new locks and more.

The service we provide is completely insured and covered by most comprehensive car insurance policies. With the receipt, you can apply to your insurance company and should be easily reimbursed.

So do not panic, be afraid or waste your time, call us now and get back on the road to your next destination!